The Economics of Dog Shows in California


Economic Impact of AKC Dog Events in California

The American Kennel Club (AKC) was established in 1884 to promote the study, breeding, exhibiting, and advancement of purebred dogs. We now represent more than 5,100 dog clubs nationally, including 465 clubs in the state of California.

The AKC sanctions thousands of dog events each year, which generate significant economic benefits to local communities in addition to the millions of dollars AKC dog owners in California spend annually on their dogs. Here are the statistics for the State of California over the past three years:

2012: AKC licensed and sanctioned 1,786 events in the state of California, in which more than 296,690 dogs participated.

2013: AKC licensed and sanctioned 1,892 events in the state of California, in which more than 304,480 dogs participated.

2014: AKC licensed and sanctioned 1,860 events in the state of California, in which more than 301,500 dogs participated.

The AKC conducts ongoing research regarding the economic impact of AKC events in localities throughout the state, as well as of AKC registered dogs in the state. Surveys demonstrate that exhibitors at AKC conformation dog shows spend an average of $512 per show weekend. This means spending by AKC dog show exhibitors for a show weekend could inject more than $1.5 million into the local economy. And because AKC dog shows are an educational and family-friendly event, large spectator gates can generate additional revenues for cities and towns statewide.

For more information or information about the impact of dog shows in other states, view Economic Benefits of Dog Shows by State in the AKC GR Toolbox. ( )

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